Monday, June 6, 2011

Kaki Lebih Bersih

Seorang ulamak sedang berada di dalam sebuah kapal terbang untuk ke sebuah negeri. Apabila tiba waktu solat, dia pun ke tandas untuk berwudhuk. Oleh kerana tandas di dalam kapalterbang terlalu kecil, maka beliau terpaksa membuka pintu tandas itu ketika berwudhu.

Tatkala beliau mengangkat salah satu dari kakinya ke tangki (washing basin), seorang peramugari telah ternampak perbuatan ulamak itu dan menegurnya.

Peramugari: (dengan suara dikeraskan..) Tuan tidak boleh memasukkan kaki ke dalam tangki tu, sebab ia akan mengotorkan tangki.

Ulamak: (dengan suara lembut dan penuh rendah diri ) Berapa kali saudari mencuci muka saudari dalam satu hari?

Peramugari: (dengan sifat angkuh) Kebiasaannya sekali atau dua kali dalam sehari.

Ulamak: (dengan sifat bersahaja) Saya mencuci kaki saya lima kali dalam sehari, bererti kaki saya lebih bersih dari muka saudari.

Kawaii Glitter Graphic

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9.kitten meow~

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11.happy whale =D

12.lets cook pudding

14. my teddy is floating in d sky!

15.friendly bunny bunny

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

cartoon pendek ^_^

ucan duk umah uat cartoon pendek! ^_^
enjoy watching it.

Toon Creator: My old friend by shadowdidi

Like it? Create your own at Toon Creator. It's free and fun!

Monday, May 16, 2011


ucannye..byk bende na uat tp lazy, nape ehhh..
da hbes mtrk tp rse cm da hbes spm lak ehh..
stiap hari aktiviti harian ialah, tdo, mum n tcow org.
:D ngee. *smile*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't lose hope because Allah is by yourside

It has been a long time i didn't post any news in my blog.
I stop posting news at blog since I started study at KMTJ.
I was busy there. feel like time is always limited.
Imagine, from Monday to Thursday i have to go to lecture hall at 8 am
and the studies end at 5 pm ++. there are rest between 1 until 2 pm for Zohor prayer.
whereas at Friday, class start from 8 am until 12pm because there are Jumaat prayer for the men.

I'm not at home right now.
I'm at my aunt house, in a room. quite comfortable room.
I like it. except for the pillows.
quite hard to sleep without my own pillow, "bantal ucuk".

Its not that I'm not happy at home, but i don't feel like I can tell anything to my family. I want to talk about something beneficial about knowledge, Islam, theology, religious and others. but I can't.

sometimes it bothers me when I say I wanted to wear a jubah and a big veil,
someone respond: You're not an USTAZAH or a very strictly religious person.
please wear clothes like normal people.
what kind of cloth does normal people wear? what is normal people?
most importantly, what are normal clothes that a Muslim girl wear?
excuse me, since someone said that to me, I hardly tell anything about me to anyone.
however I try strengthen my spirit by pray and ask Allah to guide me and help me to understand the community.

one people is not the same with other people.
why feel strange when I'm a little bit different.
so what if i look fat with the big clothes i wear?
it's okay to look fat and not attractive(hideous) in people's eye, but it is important to look beautiful in front of Allah.

I'm not a pious person.
I'm like anybody else who do mistakes, sins and get over reacted in certain time.
But I'm not hypocrite, I'm being myself, my personality always change,
due to knowledge and skills i get from day to day.

I want people to accept me for who I am and support me to change from a bad person to a better person day by day. Believe me, it took 30 minutes to see me change to another personality, not because I'm weird, its because when I realize something, I'll change myself as soon as possible depends on my ability and effort to change it.

however, I must not give up!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

12. a really hard desicion to make

O_O what's my decision???

1. architecture


2. land surveyor

people like me >> =__= do not interested in calculating
but when think it twice, i might learn to love calculate numbers
i was offered to continue study at UTM (it's a good thing)
but then the course offered was land surveyor
(which is not the course that I have expected)
in fact I'm not good in math or calculating
plus i loves drawing, creating and designing,
that's why i would love to learn architecture
(every time i look at those rough drawing of buildings,
i become so excited, I'm really interested with it):D

too bad dad courage me to go on with the land surveyor course D:
he told me that it was difficult to get this course
it's a golden opportunity and your lucky to get it (alhamdulillah)
he explains it thoroughly, yet my brain still thinking about my plan,
which is to learn land surveyor for 1 semester and the next semester I'll change the course to architecture.
my heart keep saying that it would be intriguing to learn drawing and calculating the size and structure of a building.
my mouth twitch a little upward (smile / senyum kambeng) when i imagine the blue prints of a building.
subhanallah, seronoknye!!! ngeee~~ XD

then my dad mention about our neighbor's daughter who became an architect,
she was a jobless person after she finished her study for months, (4 months i guess)
she didn't get any suitable job in Malaysia,
now she's working at Saudi Arabia,
there's a company need her skill and offered her a high amount of salary..

what he was trying to say's hard to be get job as an architect in Malaysia because there will be so many competition from other people to get that job.. i mean there a lot of university offers architect course, so it wasn't so shocked there a lot of architect in Malaysia

but as land surveyor, my dad told me laa..only in UTM offer this course
so the opportunity to get job was higher.. plus,
by getting diploma in land surveyor, many people want me to work with them..

=__= but...i really really want to learn architecture..hurm..
betul2 minat arkitek surveyor ape.. g ukur2..
blaja tenguk bulan..kira algebra.. g utan ukur2..

kene pikir masak2 ni

Sunday, May 2, 2010

11. Maher Zain - For the rest of my life

i love this song ^__^